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Foundation Design


P1010060An example of a complex foundation system incorporating piling, ground anchors, ground beams and ground bearing slabs all in water proof concrete.

The highway support at the upper level was first provided with secant style tubular piling with rock anchors tying back at two levels installed off benched excavation.

Version 2

Following removal of collapsed retaining wall and bench excavation over 3 levels to install temporary ground stabilisation by soil nail technique, inspection of piling by sleeved “Odex” drilling to form circular piles for support of new retaining wall base and ground anchors plus tie back blocks.


Ground stabilisation with retaining walls and ground beams secured on cliff/steep slopes with pre-tensioned ground anchors. For support of a highway and some 10 houses on the uphill slope


Protection of a group of house foundations following the collapse of a highway retaining wall.

A system of ground anchors, soil nailing and reinforced concrete retaining walls.

Spome grout stabilisation and ground water control measures were included.