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Piling and Ground Anchor Stabilisation Design



Close centre, sleeved concrete Circular Piling with Tie back anchors for highway support and to provide safe working space for retaining wall overlooking steep coastal slope on poor sandy ground and highly weathered slate rocks.


Soil nailing over 3m embankments to stabilise ground following collapse of 60 year old concrete retaining wall. The design is to support the remains of a road and safeguard the stability of a number of houses. In addition, the design has been profiled to enable safe working for remedial works and installation of a 120 year design life geotechnical solution.


A piling operation on a coastal cliff environment: note temporary platform to provide access. The piling, with 1.2m precast concrete planks (to be installed against the piling) is to restrain a prepared base upon which a 5m high reinforced earth embankment is to be erected for site access and car park.


Ground Anchor installation on the first bench of a tied “secant” pile system, designed to provide highway support during deep excavtion.