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Project Management

Project Management

Project management – Construction Industry and Policy Development.

We provide professional project management services across the spectrum of the Public and Private Sector. Our specialist team deliver value for money for our clients by providing the highest standards of service, experience and qualifications to deliver projects to time, cost and quality.

Construction Industry

Desmonde Associates have a wealth of experience of manging Construction Projects from the early stages of the Clients Brief through to Concept Design, Detailed Design and Completion. 

Utilising our diverse knowledge of Civil, Structural, Heritage and Sustainable Construction Management we implement the RIBA stages of work and our investment in specially qualified construction professionals to deliver for our clients.  

Services include;

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Guidance through the RIBA Stages of work.

Case Studies

Policy Development – Community development, regeneration, sustainability, information communication technology, the built environment and planning.

Desmonde Associates have a record of accomplishment with Local and Central Government Clients. We specialise in developing policy and business solutions related to business processes, e-business and the built environment.

Utilising the Treasury Five Case Model, Green Book, Orange Book, etc and other project specific guidance, we will deliver value for money for our clients and the public.

Services include;

  • Feasibility Analysis.
  • Project Initiation Documentation.
  • Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Business Case Development,
    • Strategic Outline Case.
    • Outline Business Case.
    • Full Business Case.
  • Business justification.
  • Strategy.

The following are examples of our Project Leaders experience of delivering similar projects;

  1. Office of the Deputy Prime Minster – Digital Hub SolutionProject: Feasibility Analysis – Central Government received multiple reports from local regions which analysed their performance in multiple policy areas including Environment and Sustainability. The process produced summary papers for Cabinet and senior Civil Servants as well as key performance indicators.

The Project Leaders role was to analyse in detail the existing process, identify and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, and evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity’s and threats of the system. 

Following the presentation of his initial findings to the steering committee he developed a detailed Feasibility Analysis, based on the Green Book Guidance, which considered an online portal solution that could act as a digital hub with the goal of improving the process and function of interoperable communication, data analysis and assessment.

This was well received, and he was asked to lead the process of developing expressions of intrest for delivery of the Hub. This involved meeting with senior Project Managers at Oracle and Microsoft head offices and with local SME’s.

  1. Office of the Deputy Prime Minster – E Business Unit. Project: Feasibility Analysis – SAP Business Warehouse. The Project Leader worked as a consultant to the E-business department of the Deputy Prime Ministers Office, advising on the benefits of SAP Business Warehouse to the Finance Department and the development of a Feasibility Analysis regarding its implementation for board analysis.
  1. Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions. This project involved the transition to a SAP R3 working environment, analysing business systems and developing solutions to take advantage of e-business technology and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

A key success was the development of a complex database Hub dealing with Financial Master Data. 

  1. Cornwall Council, Newquay Regeneration Hub. Project: Feasibility analysis. Desmonde Associates delivered a multilayer analysis of the regeneration potential for the Newquay Regeneration Hub. 

We successfully delivered a detailed evaluation of the project requirements in the form of a Project Initiation Document, Stakeholder Analysis Report, associated Stakeholder engagement and a detailed Option Report which was presented to a panel of Council advisors. This culminated in the successful delivery of a Strategic Outline Case document in accordance with HM Treasury Green Book guidance and the ‘’5 Case’’ model.

  1. Masters Dissertation – Analysis of the application of Building information Modelling (BIM) to Heritage Buildings. Analysis of the capabilities of BIM as a digital hub for collecting information related to heritage buildings within a single multiuser environment.

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